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My friend just got a webcam tonight and I can't view it in Safari or IE, but on my roommates XP machine I can view it fine.

Does anyone know why this is happening or how i can solve it.



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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    Maybe drivers?

    I have a Logitech webcam (USB cos I don't have FW). I had to download drivers from Sourceforge, which cost, I think, $15.

    Well worth it, however - the webcam has been flawless since I got them.

    This was because Logitech didn't support the cam I got (I'm away from home and can't quite remember which it is - Pro something....) for OS X, which kinda sucked.

    If you have already got drivers, sorry for such a basic suggestion :-)
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    I didn't think I would need the drivers because I don't actually have the webcam, it's on a friends computer at Umass Amherst. I have the link to webcam page, but it just won't load. With Safari it tries until the program freezes and with IE it just goes to a page explaining things for less than 1 second and back to the home page or where ever I was before.
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    Maybe we need some information as to how the webcam is being streamed. Is it using Quicktime? or Real? or WiMP?
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    I don't actually know how it's being streamed. Sorry

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    jousterjouster Posts: 460member
    Hmm, then I'm not sure either. But it should be relatively simple to have your friend invite you to view using, say, Yahoo IM.

    It's a free install for both!

    Works reasonably well, too.
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