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Can someone help me understand how important thunderbolt it is in a monitor? I am looking to use the monitor as a hub for basic peripherals (mouse, keyboard, webcam) and I want power from a single cord, but I don't need to daisy chain or run multiple monitors. Do I need thunderbolt?


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    thttht Posts: 5,133member
    As long as your monitor has a built-in hub, you are good to go. My LG UF27 acts as a hub too. Single TB3 connection to a MBP16. Keyboard, mouse and SecureCard hang off the monitor. Only one cable to plug in of unplug to remove the MBP. I use the monitor's speakers, microphone and web cam.

    However, monitors like this are few and far between. You may need to have docking hub, which is fine as well too. The issue is that there are very few if any monitors like the LG UF27. Most monitors won't have the combination of TB, built-in hub, and webcam. So, you need to be careful about your monitor.
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    Thanks, I was looking at the Dell UltraSharp, which does not have TB, but seems to have hub functionality.
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