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Here's what I'm trying to do: fit a larger than 4.4 gig DVD (even without extras) onto one DVD-R. I have DVD2One on Virtual PC which worked perfectly on Memento but using VPC is a pain and I have a feeling once I learn how to do this on FFMpeg it will be much quicker and higher quality. Ast3r3x, anyone else know how to use ffmpeg's complicated interface? First of all, I used DVDBackup to extract the VIDEO_TS folder. So if ffmpeg asks me to select a file, which one do I select, how does it know I want it to process the whole VIDEO_TS folder? I'm going to try doing it direct from a DVD now with the NTSC DVD preset. I assume this will lower the bitrate just enough to squeeze a movie like Dogma onto one DVD, and still give me the best quality? I'll report how Dogma turns out.

And YES I searched the Internet for Ffmpeg guides. Open source people at sourceforge or whatever make great stuff but I think one of the most pressing bugs is the lack of documentation!


I just tried every possible way to copy the Vanilla Sky dvd in my superdrive with ffmpeg. It keeps beeping at me when the Terminal opens and spits out a bunch of gibberish and this: "Unable to open file /Users/kevinmacleod/Desktop/vanillasky.m2v for reading." It keeps having problems with the files it's creating on my desktop. WTF?

FINAL edit! I'll just settle for splitting the DVD into two DVD-Rs. But how to do this was never clearly explained in that other longass thread. Please can someone explain it simply? By weeding out files I got a DVD image from Toast containing the first half of vanilla sky to play in the DVD Player but when I tried weeding out files to get a Vanilla Sky "part 2" it wouldn't burn in Toast, for some reason it said "Out of memory."! ACK, foiled! I included all those weird files with each DVD image, the .bup .ifo and whatever else, the first VOB etc.

How to split, that is the question.


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    I think your ffmpeg error may have something to do with the fact the DVD has CSS encription on it. I still say that using DVD2One is the most simplistic way of doing things and does result in quite acceptable quality. Most people on these forums would give their left n#t to have a copy of DVD2One that actually runs and works in VPC. For complete mac conversion of a dvd->2 DVD-rs I'd say use "disco" however it does cost $99 and I have no experiance with it.

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    It's cheaper than that, I'm considering buying it. And thanks [email protected] for DVD2One you should post that special VPC version somewhere (don't say cracked or hacked then it will be taken down.) It did work for Memento, it squeezed it onto one DVD.
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    Try here.


    I use

    0SEx 0.0110a1 to extract the DVD from the disk

    Extractor to extract the video stream from the VOB

    bd4go to axtract the aiff

    Quicktime pro can then be used to re-encode the video to a lower bit-rate mpeg2 and then DVDSP to make the DVD (or maybe iDVD)

    If your going to another format for a smaller file for computer playback I highly reccommend DiVA and the 3vix codec. http://diva.3ivx.com/ and http://www.3ivx.com Its free and by far the best quality/size tradeoff I've found.
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