Apple's tvOS 15.1 is now available for Apple TV

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The newly updated tvOS 15.1 has just been released, bringing the usual slate of bug fixes and restoring a missing feature from the tvOS 15 launch.

The new Apple TV software update primarily focuses on bug fixes and compatibility.

SharePlay has also been added after initially being delayed. The feature, which Apple announced during WWDC 2021, allows users to watch video content with others while on a FaceTime call.

Users can manually install the update by heading to the Settings app, selecting System, and clicking on Software Updates. If enabled, it can also be installed automatically on an Apple TV or Apple TV 4K.

When tvOS 15 launched in September, it added a number of features, including support for spatial audio for those using AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. It also added a new HomeKit feature, allowing users to view HomeKit-compatible security cameras in a grid view.

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    rcfarcfa Posts: 1,124member
    And once more:

    Good news is actionable news.
    For news about new software releases to be actionable, BUILD NUMBERS are ESSENTIAL.

    If I have e.g. a RC candidate installed, I can’t tell if the RC and the final release are identical without knowing the BUILD NUMBER.

    So please, how many years do I have to ask for it, report the build numbers when reporting new OS software releases!
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    I've been having issues with incredibly slow photo album loading on ATV via home sharing with 2021 4K hardware, so maybe this update will help. Movie and TV libraries via home sharing have continued to work just fine, so it doesn't seem to be network related.
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    rcfa said:
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