what's up with error -50 & -36 (samba issue)

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I have never, ever been able to get Jaguar's windows-file sharing features to work right, if at all. I have a very simple setup, one computer running win2k server with some shared folders and then this imac with os 10.2

simple, right? just go into the connect to server dialog box and pick the computer. ok, no problem. but then when i simply click ok on the win2k box (i do see it in the network browser i get an error -36.

can anyone help? for something that is supposed to be so simple, it is quite frustrating.


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    stoostoo Posts: 1,490member
    There was a thread in the Mac OS X forums on this, it should still be near the top. One fix is to use NetBIOS names, rather than IP addresses.
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