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It took 5 tries 0-me-na-515=a.............. 9+12 letters numbers I did not want numbers ,anyway I sign up right.

so I say Hello to everyone. Tereq wa y-ran-qar-ah-p-te-e !

I have 2 a count  on Apple discussions Sheffi and rajapintaja.
My main on Apple developer  search  been Language and user interface support for Uralic languages and Ainu of Japan.
 Apple support Ainu Roman script to Katakana. in Koto-eri.

Now please research, I can not find it and it is a mystery! In year 2000 UNESCO supported an Afrikaans to or and from English Bi-lingual Human user interface 100 USD basic computer for schools. in Suut ( Ifrika) Africa. I saw a page with an add ,but and now many google search words.

What I am trying to write is do any members know if Apple tried this ,because the developers have no Idea and ask me what is the mean ?

1.Local support and learning preserving integrity.

2.I have 2 identical Macs with OSX Finnish Japanese English user interface.

3.many indigenous people can not always understand other IT language.

4. I wanted to learn and teach my bi-lingual children W98 Japanese Kuriles Ainu and English computing.

I looking forward to feed for thought. Kuriles Aynw language  Y-yay-ray-qe-re-e !wa to-mo-wn-ytah ta-pe.= thank to join talk with you.
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