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Has anyone played it????

anyhow, I have these two floppy disks from my windows 95 days ( i was searching through old windows floppy disks, and was entertained to find MSDOS 6 upgrade disks ) So i found my two old skyroads disks for msdos, though i tested them out on my win xp machine and it works fine.

Skyroads is the cool bouncing spaceship game. I still think it is the best game ever, cause you just have to bounce through space, with the only objective to not expload, hit things, float out of the screen, or run out of oxygen or gas.

Can i see if these will work on the mac or will it make it explode or crash or something?

All the disks say is

MS-DOS; ega/vga

They were made by creative dimentions in 1995.

If you have a PC you can download it here:
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