UNTIL NOW no buds stayed in my ear.

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My ears can now hold in Beats and other buds!!!

After many years of my ears not being able to hold in any earbuds of any brand without ear hooks, I discovered the perfect Beats tip to fit what must be unusual ear canal shape.

These are off my Powerbeats Pro; those Beats that wrap around the ear.

I'd used this shape with Powerbeats and completely wireless version--Powerbeats Prof--or years.

When the new Beats Fit Pro came out, I once again hoped these would stay in on their own with the new stem-tuck. But, unfortunately, no.

After many tries with the three round tips that came with the Fit Pro, no way would they stay in without me repeatedly pushing 'em in or them falling out before I got to them. Same with all other earbud brands including AirbPods Pro. (I returned my AirPods Pro after a week, as they fell out as I simply sat at my computer.)

As I made my way back to my big ear-hook Powerbeats Pro, my mind centered on the double cone tips that come as one of four choice tips with them. And, then I wondered if the successful fit of the Powerbeats Pro was more than just the hook. So, I put those double-cone tips on my new Beats Fit Pro.


They don't budge.

No matter what.

Not when I sit, not when I run, not when I bike.

My God: After all these years, it was the cone tips!

    --which do NOT come with other Apple or Beats buds.

Next, I tried these cones on my Beats Studio Buds. I bought those with hopes too. They stayed in with minimal repositioning if I stayed still, so I kept em.

These double-cones worked on my Beats Studio Buds TOO!!!



They don't fall out or move at all.

Not even when I chew or lie down.

My ear canal shape must be uncommon, but not one-of-a-kind. If Apple sent these with all buds, they'd get a few less returns!

When I returned my AirPods Pro years ago, the sales rep said, I was one of the 10% that has this problem. Who knows if his percentage is correct, but it goes to show there are enough of us that Apple could have thousands of more sales stick with the tips that they sell with the AirPods Pro.

To the few others that have trouble keeping buds in your ear, this might work for you too.

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