dail-up connection question

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I am on dial-up still(rural area) but i like to leave my computer download during the night and day when im not home. But i always get disconnected at some point. Does anyone know how i can reconnect?



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    Because you are in a rural area I would suggest slowing the speed of your modem down to the v.34 spec. I don't know what the phone lines are like where you are but in New Zealand they are some shite and slowing down the modem speed is the only way to get around it. Also check that you haven't set your modem to disconnect after a set period.

    Good luck
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    mimacmimac Posts: 872member
    Easy! Get iGetter .

    Its a download manager/accelerator which you can set to re-dial automatically if disconnected, hang-up when all downloads are finished and auto shut down your computer.

    You can leave it running all night if need be.

    It will also automatically grab downloads from your browser and queue all current downloads.

    Shareware/freeware so you can evaluate for a long time.
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    thanks guys i will give both idea's a go.
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