Is this a genuine gap in the Mac software market?

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I asked a question earlier in the week about a Mac alterntive to Microsoft Money, as yet - nothing. Having spoken to Apple they've said that Quicken is only available in the US and that M.Y.O.B. is really for small business users. Is there really no application on the Mac that allows you to do personal financing and keep track of investments, like on the PC? And if not, do you think this new Office suite of Apple's (if there is such a thing) will plug the gap?


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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    hmmm... not sure, I have managed fine using excel. Thats all accounts are really, lists of figures.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member
    some finance applications: click me!
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    Originally posted by Defiant

    some finance applications: click me!

    Thanks for the links. However, none of these seem to do what Money allows you to do, which is enter a lift of all your investments and then download the latest values from the internet. I'd find this really useful, especially in the same application as the one which stores details of any income and tax payable from the said investments...
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member

    For Linux, MacOS X and Windows.

    Does online banking, payments, etc.

    Released on 3/28.
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