Apple promotes Fitness+ and Apple Watch with new homepage takeover

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Apple is promoting its Apple Fitness+ workout service in the new year with a homepage takeover, and the company is also continuing to offer three months of service to new Apple Watch buyers.

Apple Fitness+ homepage takeover
Apple Fitness+ homepage takeover

Users who visit will see a promotional video showing off the Apple Fitness+ service, including various workouts taught by the company's trainers. After the clip plays, Apple encourages users to "Learn more about Fitness+."

"11 workout types, everything from HIIT to Yoga," the site reads. "New workouts and meditations every week. All powered by Apple Watch."

The company is also giving away up to three months of Apple Fitness+ access for free when users purchase a new Apple Watch model.

Apple Fitness+ launched in December 2020, featuring a number of workouts from Apple trainers for $9.99 a month. Unlike other online fitness platforms, Apple's offering features deep integration with Apple Watch, Apple Music, and the company's broader ecosystem.

Back in November, Apple expanded Fitness+ to 15 new regions and introduced both Group Workouts and Guided Meditations.

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    OMG they found out about Fitness. A 90’s phenomenon, now to improve on…what …sleep ?
    Start something new and authentic, like Car
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    Roderikus said:
    OMG they found out about Fitness. A 90’s phenomenon, now to improve on…what …sleep ?
    Start something new and authentic, like Car
    WTF are you on about? Just trolling obviously. How very MacRumors, where the children there fight to post the first negative comment so they can revel when all the obsequious peanut gallery members fall over themselves to praise such originality of thought.

    A company promotes its fitness offerings after the new year, when many resolutions center on personal fitness (especially in the covid era when gyms are shut or people are avoiding them) and you mock it, what a charmer you are.
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    badmonkbadmonk Posts: 1,073member
    I just inherited by Dad’s AppleWatch Series 6 and did my first Apple Fitness workout on my AppleTV this weekend.  I have to say the integration was slick and the trainer great.  For many people an affordable and effective alternative to a gym membership.  I think this, like many Apple endeavors will start slow but snowball over time.
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