Idisk utility didn't help me. Anyone here have Idisk trouble?

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Everytime I copy something to my idisk public folder, the progress bar pops up like usual and copies like usual, but when it finishes copying, the copy window won't go away. It just hangs there saying "Copied: 82.4MB of 82.4MB (Finishing...)" I can't force-quit-it away and it I can't use the file on the Idisk side because it says its busy. Anyone seen this before?

Mark ([email protected])


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    overhopeoverhope Posts: 1,123member
    Yeah, it hasn't finished the operation: the copy progress bar reports its activity incredibly badly when dealing with iDisks: I'm slinging a 5.6MB movie up to mine at the moment and it started saying "Copied: 5.6 MB of 5.6 MB (Finishing)..." about half a second after I took my finger off the mouse button.

    I'm pretty sure I'm not getting 11.2MB/s on my broadband connection...

    Leave it be, when it's finished copying (84.2MB... what, half an hour?) the dialogue will disappear of its own volition. Like mine just did.

    If you really want to halt a transfer that's in progress, you have to Force Quit the Finder, but you still stand a chance of getting things to go icky...
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    Thanks. I was just about to come to that realization. I don't know why I was thinking an 84 meg file wouldn't take longer to upload than the 500 kb files I had successfully placed on my idisk previously. Is there an emoticon for "D'oh!"?
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    Look for an application called Goliath.
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