Article: How to backup your Mac

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@WilliamGallagher: I am not sure, whether there is a dedicated comment thread for today’s article “How to backup your Mac”. Here is my comment:

No Mac backup discussion is complete without mentioning Arq. Arq exists in two flavors. One is a one-time paid app (which isn’t cheap, but neither might be your risk of losing valuable information), and the other is a subscription that covers online storage.

I chose the one-time license for $50 and back up to the 1 TB of Microsoft OneDrive storage that comes with my $100/year family Office 365 subscription. Given that I back up five other family Macs that way, too (each family member has 1 TB), it’s pretty economical.

In addition to OneDrive, Arq offers any imaginable digital storage option out there (minus iCloud, possibly because of limitations in the API or Apple’s terms & conditions):

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