Inaccurate Album Art

in iOS

Recently I purchased an iPhone 13 Pro with iOS 15. I also have an ~8 year old MacBook Pro with macOS 10.15. When upgrading from my old iPhone 8 with iOS 14 I transferred my data from one iPhone to another. I subsequently backed up (after a VERY long time - as in years) my new iPhone to my Mac. In the process, my album art of music I purchased via iTunes and I ripped from CDs for MANY songs ended up switching album art. In other words, album art from some songs would be incorrectly applied to other songs. How do I fix this? I tried some solutions posted on Apple support forums that I found on Google and this didn’t seem to fix it (e.g. removing the backup from my phone and re-syncing music). To my understanding however, I’m not unique in this problem. Please let me know what you’ve come up with. Any help is appreciated.

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