Iraq Secret Weapon commentary.

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I don't think that the Iraq Secret Weapon cartoon was necessarily racist...not the brightest joke I've seen, but I'd be curious why it is automatically declared racist by some. Unfunny, I'd agree, but not patently offensive.

I also think that the locking of that thread was premature, and aside from it being called "childish" I don't see the reason for it...people were discussing the cartoon, and I don't see the difference between that and other threads here at AO.

I'd show the cartoon, but I don't know if that would result in a sudden lock for this thread.


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    From the posting guidelines:

    If your thread is locked, an explanation should be posted by the moderator who locked the thread as to why. If you feel the moderator who locked your thread has erred in locking it, email or private message the moderator or an administrator about it. Do not create a new thread protesting the lock, or a thread in Suggestions about it.

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