Can 10.12 Run on a 2020 iMac?

in macOS
We're currently making our way back after being shutdown because of the pandemic. Yes, it took that long for clients to reach out again. My wife's 2013 iMac is acting up, occasionally won't wake or boot. We want to replace it, but with money being extremely tight we have to consider an iMac a couple years old, likely a refurb from Apple. We do not and will not subscribe to Adobe and she mainly runs InDesign CS6. I've read that CS6 will run on Sierra (10.12) without issue, but I'm not positive about High Sierra.

My question is what is the newest iMac (up to 2020) that will run 10.12 and undoubtedly run CS6? And if that machine comes with a newer version of OS can it be downgraded?

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