Numbers: Affect at a distance

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Okay, that's rather arcane, I know.

Can a cell other than the cell containing the formula be the target of the results of a formula?  If so, how?

I have a large array of Checkbox cells.  I use the state of the Checkboxes as references for calculations.  Once I have completed that calculation a large number Checkboxes have been selected.  I'm looking for a way to reset the Checkboxes to a default state.  Resetting them manually can be tedious.

My current thought is to mirror the array, fill it with the default values, and somehow map those to the array of Checkboxes.  Here is the rub.

1.  As far as I know, the results of a formula are always in the cell in which the formula appears.  
2.  A cell containing a Checkbox cannot contain a formula. 

I can use INDIRECT() to gather the contents of a cell but I haven't seen anything that permits me to indirectly Place a value in a cell.

Anyone have a clue as to how I can indirectly put a value into a cell?

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