Silversteins... is this for real?!?!

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ok... is this for real? I mean the guy is basically begging for money?... can't be right... just can't be...

I mean first of all what is the "Jewish-Christian" faith?

2nd... WTF was this guy thinking (assuming it is for real)

3rd.. in all seriousness, if this guy is legit, he should move to Fellowship Church. I hear they help people get outa debt...

what is the collective's take on this?


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    ariari Posts: 126member
    Where the site says "We are Jewish-Christian family who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua)." They probably mean they are a family with a Jewish heritage (at least the father) who have been duped into believing in Jesus by the extensive missionary efforts of certain Christian groups (e.g. Jews for Jesus).

    Is it for real? Doubtful. ?We have gotten the point were we can not put food on the table? yet he can afford to maintain this site? It is rather dubious.
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    newnew Posts: 3,244member
    Cyber begging... Grreat!!
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    yet he can afford to maintain this site?

    Free host, Domains are not that expensive. He could have collected cans for a domain...
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    That's pretty pathetic. I don't feel a damn bit sorry for him. Goes to show you too that IT managers don't know squat about designing web sites. Maybe if he was hired to do what he could do and not what a creative person can do this wouldn't have happened to him. Plenty of IT jobs out there in the rural/burbs. Stop whining and get one.

    Artman's rant over

    My birthday today. That's the only good news I have. My PayPal will be up for handouts soon.
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    tmptmp Posts: 601member
    Food for a week= $250

    Gas for a month= $350

    "Vans last payment"= $618

    1 year Christian School= $6000

    Scamming suckers on the internet so you won't have to alter your lifestyle one iota.... priceless
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    Seems like a scam to me..

    most people I know if they had a problem like this, one they woudlnt broadcast it, and two, people from there church would help em.

    I thought it was funny, that they admit the pictures on the website are stock photos.. hehe
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    pfflampfflam Posts: 5,053member
    The best thing about it is that the photos are all stock imagery!!

    poor guy, reduced to begging so he can send his eight kids to private targetted brainwashing school at 6grand times 8 = 48 THOUSAND DOLLARS

    --thing is is that he obviously is targetting this add to the kind of people who will give whenever a soft lighted green grass family on bikes kind of image is coupled with the "word of our Lord" . . . . after all these people are by definition suckers

    he's probably raking it in!!
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member
    Let me get this straight. This fraud can't feed his family, but he wants $600 a month for christian school?

    I hope this piece of shit gets hit by a bus today.
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