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In need of cheap and fast way of getting a VGA signal to an RCA.

Have looked at these and similar

Many mention needing this 'TV-Out' setting. I can find no reference to this from Apple or Nvidia.

This is the closest I have come.

In any case... if I buy one of these and kill my resolution to something small... shouldn't it work?

If not, gimmie a cheap and fast (by next Friday) way of doing this. (cheap, and fast being key words there)



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    saabmp3saabmp3 Posts: 52member
    What you really need to do this is a VGA card that is capable of converting the signal to video (that's what RCA is). There really are not any cheap ways of doing this as it cannot be done in a cable, but must be done through a circuit (notice the cables you found were technically just "breakout" cables for cards that have the capability that I mentioned above. Apple laptops have the ability to breakout to video signals, but I don't know which particular machine that you have.

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    I have a quicksilver with stock geforce 2 in it.

    Anybody see an X compatible PCI tv out card?
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    Get a Radeon 8500 for PC and flash it. I've seen it work. check

    Otherwise go to radio shack and ask em about VGA to Composite adapters. Though I don't know if there's such a thing.
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    Radio Shack said NO Go. (didn't have anything even remotely helpful)

    I have found several Radeon 750 Mac editions which all have composite out. Any OTHER options? (those go $120 new)
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    Common guys, please give me a solution cheaper then $120. PLEASE? ( I need to order this tommorrow....)
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