My first mac!

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my brand shiny new 12" pb arrived yesterday. I love it. I have deleted internet explorer and am now using safari which i like much better. Any bit of text anywhere on screen looks great. I did think the screen might be a little small for me, but now that i've seen it its not at all. Checked it over and it doesn't have any of the problems i've read about... gets warm but not hot. the whole thing feels really solid and great.

i don't much to do on it at the moment as i have no software, but hopefully i will rectify that soon.



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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    Cool 8)

    But why use Safari? Use Camino!
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    fred_ljfred_lj Posts: 607member
    Wouldn't be so fast to delete IE -- despite the spite we all hold for it and its maker, there are still some sites that just don't operate well in Safari (yet).

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    jcjc Posts: 342member
    Safari is still in the beta version and does not work for everything and it does not hurt anything to let ie sit on your hard drive. I use both though i prefer Safari
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    stunnedstunned Posts: 1,096member
    Congratulations! Have fun with your new PB.
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    leonisleonis Posts: 3,427member
    yeah....some sites that use Windows Media Plug-ins don't work with any browser but IE
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    foadfoad Posts: 703member
    Welcome to the Mac community!

    One thing though...if you plan on doing any online banking keep IE around. There are some sites that don't work with either Safari or Camino.

    Use Safari or Camino and leave IE around for those small occasions.

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    lemon bon bonlemon bon bon Posts: 2,383member

    But why use Safari? Use Camino!

    I'm using Safari on my wife's iBook. I like heaps better than I.E.

    Not tried Camino. I didn't like the look of 'Chimera's' interface last time I looked...

    Lemon Bon Bon
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