Option to change parental controls passcode not showing up on child's iPhone

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My teen figured out the passcode I used for parental controls on her iPhone.

I figured it was no big deal, I'd just change it from my iPhone. I've actually changed it 5 times in that manner now. Things work as expected on my iPhone to remotely change settings.

However, it's still the original passcode on her phone. So I figured I'd change it directly on her iPhone.

But the option just isn't there...

Supposedly it's located at the bottom of the Downtime screen (similarly to where it is on my iPhone) but again - nothing. No button at all for it.

Now, I really doubt she's nefarious enough to hack her phone to do this, but if she truly put her mind to it, I suppose it's possible. But I'm going with the assumption she hasn't... (a quick google search turned up nothing of the sort for me.)

Any ideas short of wiping her phone and restoring from backup?
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