Buying a Danish custom keyboard MacBook in NY. Advice needed.

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I want to buy a new MacBook with a Danish keyboard when on vacation in NY this August (1 - 10th).
The main reason being that there is significant savings to be made.
It’s quite easy to order for pickup in the store, and the time seems to line up perfectly.

My questions is what is the chance of the order, for one reason or another, getting delayed?
And what happens in that case?
Can I get a refund?
If the order is ready before I arrive, how long will they hold it in the store?

On another node, I’m not completely decided on which model.
The 14 inch M1 or an M2 Air? About the same price.
I might just resell at some point and get the new M2 14 inch, when it arrives. So possible future resale value is a consideration.
Which machine will hold value best in about six month to a year (guessing here)?

And also very important: Is there more
of a chance of delay in delivery with the new M2 Air than the M1 14 inch Pro?

All answers will be highly appreciated.
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