Maya 5 - Released Today!

in Mac Software edited January 2014

What's new in this version:

* Increased productivity

Make your production workflow more efficient with many fine-tuned features in areas such as character animation, dynamics and polygonal modeling. Improved online tutorials and user documentation will help new users get up and running faster than ever.

* Unique image creation possibilities

Create the right finished look for any type of professional graphics project with new, or enhanced, rendering options available in a unified, consistent workflow: Maya software, Maya hardware, vector rendering, and the latest version of mental ray

* More creative resources

Expand your creative potential with new features and functionality throughout Maya 5. Enhancements to Maya software's unique, brush-based toolsets bring an intuitive, artist-friendly approach to organic modeling and animation. New data export formats include Flash? and Adobe Illustrator. Maya Unlimited? artists can now create never-before-seen atmospheric effects through extensions to Maya Fluid Effects?.

* New and enhanced import/export options

Enhanced and new file formats let you transfer data between Maya and other applications. Newly supported file formats include: Flash?, DWG, Adobe Illustrator, Encapsulated PostScript and Scalable Vector Graphics. Enhanced support has been added for DXF,IGES, OpenFlight?, StudioTools? and OBJ.

* Even greater extensibility

Access more of Maya software's features and toolsets in the Maya API such as high level polygon operations and complete access to the rendering framework -- including the ability to integrate a new renderer.

Taken from VersionTracker

I was not expecting this today! Wow! Four great applications all in one day! 8)


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