Goldman Sachs credit card practices under investigation by US watchdog



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    rwes said:
    JP234 said:
    Goldman Sachs cheating their customers? Say it ain't so! Who ever heard of an investment bank engaging in corrupt and dishonest practices? (cough, cough: WellsFargo). And I know that no former CEO appointed by Trump as Treasury Secretary would even think of it (cough, cough: Steve Mnuchin)!
    Not that I disagree, but don't make it political. IMO, most banks (bank execs, people calling the shots, not the 'low level' employees) are in the business of cheating their customers. Because lets face it, the shareholders are a minority of the actual customer base (if even customers in the same sense at all) and more often that not, what's probably in shareholder interest (maximum profit) does not align with majority customer interest.
    Merely mentioning Trump and Mnuchin isn’t political they are the high priests evil business men…..
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    I've never tried that card yet, and I think I won't because of obvious reasons. But I was thinking about getting one, and the rates seemed to be okay. I read some info online, but none of my friends had it, so I decided to postpone that decision. I got Merrick Bank Double Your Line Mastercard instead and was pretty satisfied. I read some info about that and other cards on, asked a friend who also has it and got it. The credit line is good, and so are the rates. And for now, it satisfies all my needs.

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