Can anyone recomend a KVM switch?

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Hey can any one recomend a KVM (keyboard viddeo mouse) switch?

I have a quicksilver G4 and a Beige G3 (with a USB card) that I want to be able to fick between.

Cheers for the help.



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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member might be a place to start.
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    I use a Dr. Bott MoniSwitch.


    They're okay, but they're a bit pricey. Also, the first one I got didn't work quite right. I ended up taking out the old soldering gun to fix it, just because I was too lazy to return it. That and the fact I would have to try speaking German.

    They're simple, but I like them (I have a 2-computer and 4-computer switch).
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    thanks guys.

    After a lot of thinking and looking at cost my boss is going for a ceap flat panel for the g3 lol

    cheers peace out.
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