Any way to use Mail's junk mail filter in conjunction with Entourage?

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So... I just today installed Office v.X and I'm trying Entourage, and I kinda like it. It's much faster than Mail and I like the way it's set up, with reservations (like how I can't customize the buttons that appear at the top...). Anyway, the main problem vs. Mail is that I can't block Junk Mail. Yeah, it has a junk mail filter but it sucks. Is there any way I can use Mail somehow to block the junk, and then use Entourage to get the filtered mail? I was thinking maybe I could have Mail always running, and checking my mail, and then I could open Entourage whenever I want to check. Mail would filter and then Entourage would check my inbox. I use IMAP instead of POP like most people so whatever is in my inbox can be seen from any email client. So... any suggestions?


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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Well, what you're proposing is definitely doable, but if you're going to have mail running, why not just use Mail? You say entourage is faster than Mail? But since you're using IMAP, I think that having mail filtering out the junk (it doesn't block it, it just filters it) ought to be enough.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Yeah, I suppose it would just be easier to choose one instead of using both. In an ideal situation, I'd be able to change Mail's interface to something a bit more like Entourage with panes, keep Mail's simplicity and integration with Address Book and iChat, speed it up, AND have the junk mail filter. But it's not a perfect world. Whatever.
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