Firewire cable hard to pull out.

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I bought my iPod in December and ever since it's been kinda hard to pull the firewire cable end off the player. At first I just thought that was normal.

Now I've got a PowerBook and the cable gets kinda stuck in the Firewire port (have trouble pulling it out). I again, thought all this was normal until a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine plugged his Firewire cable inside my Powerbook's firewire port and it slid in and out easily.

Anyone else have hard-to-get-out Firewire cables? It works and all, but I just wish it was easier to get it in and out. Does it loosen up with time?


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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    mine is a bit tough sometimes. i thought they all were like that. similarly, i have an old imac keyboard, and its usb ports are a little small (i think), because i tried plugging in an evil (=microsoft) optical mouse, and i had to forcefully jam it in. i don't think time will fix it though cause I've had this 'pod for like months and months.
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    Oh well. That kinda sucks that some of us get "tighter" firewire cables. No biggie, it still works perfectly.
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