Buy or sell?

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Today saw a new 52 week low. I just added 1500 shares to my position. I realize the price could gáfalos lower but I’m betting it starts to dig itself out of the hole. I’m a long term investor so I’m in no rush. Anyone else have a price in mind they plan to buy? 


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    Yesterday AAPL traded as low as $125.82 which is 52-week low and is exactly $2 trillions market cap. It seems market specialists are using $2 trillions as bottom line. AAPL should trade above it if there is no more negative news that can affect its earnings. 
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    gwmacgwmac Posts: 1,806member
    Luckily I added 1500 shares to my position at $125. I was rewarded today when it reached $130 though I didn’t take the profit yet. 
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