Pro Speaker Troubles

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I bought a pair of Apple Pro Speakers from small dog last summer. They were "small dog refurbished" which means that smalldog tested them to make sure they worked.

Well, a few weeks after I got them I noticed a problem. Everytime I would restart, a dialog box would show up that said, "The device in the apple speaker jack is not working" Aside from the warning, the speakers worked fine.

I also bought an iSub, which I have been less than overjoyed about...

But lately, when i would disconnect the iSub in the USB (because if it is plugged in, and i mute it, my headphones get no bass) the balance on the speakers would change.

I have also had 2 kernel panics that I have attributed to the speakers/iSub. When i would remove the USB for the iSub, or disconnect the speakers.

I've now noticed that there is a little bit of fraying action by plug of the speakers.

I am pretty frustrated with my current speakers, but I would be willing to fix them if anyone had any ideas. Also, is there a way I can buy the soundsticks without the iSub?

AAH, if this doesn't work, i'm ebaying my isub, throwing away my speakers, and getting creature speakers or something else.....

so, any ideas?
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