Frustrated with IPad, can't even get logged in demands WIFI

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Hello!    I was given an IPAD by a family member, I don't want to use this myself but sell it online.
I'd just like to be able to get on the system so I can tell what model it is and OS level, software, etc, in order to sell the item.
However when I turn on the Ipad, it asks for language, and then immediately demands I give it my Internet router password.
Of course I want to do nothing of the sort! I don't want to sell this and have someone have access to my Internet.
I also don't have "ITunes", I have never had an Apple and don't plan to.
Surely someone has come across this problem before? How in the world do you just get on the machine. I don't want to configure it for my own use.
Can anyone help??!! Thank you!


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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,289member
    Look up the model number (AXXXX) on the back for the general model info here:

    You can also plug the serial number on the back into the warranty coverage check:

    Both of those will give you the model info, but won't give you the capacity. Not sure how to see that other than by attaching it to a Mac, or a Windows computer with the Apple drivers installed. 

    No idea whether the iPad reports its capacity to the system profiler when you just connect it without installing drivers on Windows. 
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