Twelve South BookBook for MacBook Review: Fun and Functional

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Twelve South's BookBook for MacBook is a simple and durable leather laptop case that visually impresses with a leather-bound book appearance.

Available in 13, 14, and 16-inch versions for ample coverage of modern MacBooks, this is just one product out of the BookBook line, covering iPhone, iPad, and more in a premium and unusual leather casing.

The BookBook gives your MacBook a vintage hardcover book feel (and smell), a pleasing and neutral aesthetic that serves a variety of audiences. Twelve South advertises this as also an anti-theft measure, as the BookBook can blend in well on a well-sized and decently-filled bookshelf.

We struggled to find a big enough shelf for our 14-inch model to test, and we don't imagine most Mac users hide their expensive and often-accessed devices in their bookshelves, anyway. Still, the general impression of a book created by the case may be useful camouflage if a MacBook Pro is left in a public space for a moderate period of time.

The durability on the leather is considerable, sustaining slight adhesive damage from our Duex Max monitor review. However, any damage or scrapes only add more character to the case, and it isn't easy to scratch or dent the leather.

The case opens with the MacBook Pro using an elastic suspension system, which is crafted well to not get in the way of actually using the notebook in the first place. Twelve South's usual attention to detail is seen here with the also-leather zippers, felt inside, and stitching.

There's also a small interior pocket feature, adding to the crafty feel of the product. For the 14-inch model, the interior pocket is ideal for papers, folders, or notebooks smaller than printer paper, though we don't recommend more than five sheets of paper or one thin notebook lest the pocket is stretched out.

In particular, thin B-sized notebooks optimize the pocket space perfectly.

After a few weeks of use, we can say that the BookBook for MacBook has not defied its simple expectations, becoming a pleasant layer of production to our MacBook Air. Book lovers, academics, tabletop RPG players, and many more would love this case for both its low-key aesthetic and subtly practical features.

However, the quality of the leather makes it a bit pricey, but we're confident in the BookBook potentially outlasting your MacBook in most scenarios.

BookBook for MacBook Pros

  • Quality leather and durability

  • Interior pocket proves useful

  • Anti-theft camouflage

  • Perfect for avid readers

BookBook for MacBook Cons

  • Pricey compared to Amazon alternatives

Rating: 4 out of 5

Where to buy

The BookBook for MacBook is available on the Twelve South online store and Amazon for $79.99.

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  • Reply 1 of 4
    OferOfer Posts: 170unconfirmed, member
    I have the one for the MacBook Air (M2 model). I love everything about it except for one thing: the ports aren’t easily accessible since the zipper on the case gets in the way. Other than that, love it!
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    jeromecjeromec Posts: 159member
    One question: is the MacBook attached to the BookBook or does it just sit in it?
  • Reply 3 of 4
    sphericspheric Posts: 2,323member
    We used to sell these for iPhone and iPad. 

    They were sadly never practical for how I use and transport my gear, but I always loved them. Beautifully made, lovely irony between their quaintness and their content, and it's just such a great idea. 

    I'd love to have one, even though I'm afraid I'd never use it.

    Highly recommended, even for the price. 
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    OferOfer Posts: 170unconfirmed, member
    jeromec said:
    One question: is the MacBook attached to the BookBook or does it just sit in it?
    It just sits in it.
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