Please Help - Sleep problems Mirrored G4 Dual

in Mac Software edited January 2014
I have tried everything and my dual 1 gig mirror drive G4 will not wake up from sleep properly!!!!!!!

It is very annoying. Monitor sleeps fine, but computer locks when it wakes from sleep.

Please give me any ideas you may have on how to fix. Running 10.2.5, but had same problem with earlier versions.



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    keyboardf12keyboardf12 Posts: 1,379member
    unplug your network(dsl) cable from your mac .

    at least you will know if its related to that...

    unplug all devices other then the keyboard,

    unplug all firewire devices etc..
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    dygysydygysy Posts: 182member
    Perhaps you should reinstall OS X.
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    defiantdefiant Posts: 4,876member

    Originally posted by dygysy

    Perhaps you should reinstall OS X.

    nah nah nah!!!

    step by step..

    unplug all external drives; try again.
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    rbfoyerbfoye Posts: 77member
    I unplugged everything and it did wake from sleep, but still had some issues. OSX acted strange. I-tunes would not open, then later got a kernal panic.

    I have only speakers (attached through audio out jack) and an ethernet network. The ethernet network seems to be the thing that is making it freeze at sleep. But the odd actions seperate from that appear to be strange.

    Any ideas on ethernet network issue and how I can mitigate?
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    ijerryijerry Posts: 615member
    you know, I had this same thing occur to me after upgrading to x.2.5. I re-installed my tablet stuff, and I have not had it happen since. So, it appears that some external devices need to be re-installed to help this system out.
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