Any good News clients for OS X?

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I'd like to know if there's a good program I could download to browse usenet groups. I'm currently using Outlook, but I'd like to have choices. I was sort of surprised to see Mail doesn't handle newsgroups like Outlook does, even tho its main purpuse is to send emails. Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone think Apple will include a on a future MacOS release?


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    I use this.....

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    Thanks I'll give it a read.
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    Thoth is a really good newsgroup reader as well.
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    Thoth is the way to go, at least if you're interested in dealing with binary files.

    I don't think USENET is popular enough for Apple to make their own newsreading software, but I hope they prove me wrong...
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    paulppaulp Posts: 67member
    Newsflash has a nice look and feel to it.
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    I use Toth, and can recommend it. I know of some things which could improve, but on the whole, it's the prettiest and easiest (for me, at least) newsclient.

    I agree to those who say that Apple will not incorporate a newsreader into Mail, or into anything else. It seems that Usenet is a remnant from the past, with some beautiful features (I guess I use it more than the ole http web), but not immediately something for the clickable GUI loving Mac user.
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