MacStadium brings its Orka Mac orchestration service to AWS

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Enterprise customers using Orka Platform to orchestrate use and deployment of Macs can now buy through AWS Marketplace, bringing the service to more people.

In 2019, MacStadium introduced its Orka system, which for the first time allowed users of orchestration technologies such as Kubernetes, to use them on macOS systems. Now the company has announced that users will be able use its virtual macOS environments via AWS.

"Offering Orka Platform in AWS Marketplace provides consumers even greater access to the preferred solution available for orchestrating macOS," Tom Schnell, MacStadium senior vice president and chief customer officer, said. "Orka Platform on AWS streamlines the iOS developers' build efforts while delivering a seamless buying and billing process."

It means that "enterprise-grade MacDevOps [can] leverage Kubernetes to create a scalable macOS orchestration," as well as life cycle management.

Kubernetes was not a new system in 2019, but MacStadium was the first to bring it to the Mac at scale. This new development means more enterprise users will be able to benefit from the orchestration system.

MacStadium asks that interested users contact the company directly, or via their AWS portal.

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    "Orchestrating"? What stupid buzz-speak.

    Just remember doubling brass and double reeds on a melody line doesn't work well. And never put two solo violins on a single line.
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