I got Safari today, and it is v.60. Why?

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I downloaded Safari Beta today off the apple.com/safari page today. I like the browser a lot, and I explored all Safari's windows, dialogue boxs, etc. out of curiosity to see all of the browser. When I opened the About box, I came upon a strange piece of data. I saw:

1.0 Beta. (v.60)

I might be wrong, but I thought that Safari was in the upper 60's, like v69 or around there. Why do I have the first version? I downloaded it today! Please help, because I heard that there are many improvements in the newer versions. Thanks.


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    baumanbauman Posts: 1,248member
    v60 is the last public version that Apple has released. All the higher numbers that you hear about(62, 64, 67, 71, etc.) are illegal, pirated copies.
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    trebuchettrebuchet Posts: 176member
    Yes. I managed to get a copy of v 71 and I personally like it a lot. Does better at remembering passwords, a hair quicker, less of the weird little bugs I noticed.

    Where ever I downloaded it from, its now a dead link. I found out they (the person that offered up a copy from their own hosting) only put it up for 24 hours to avoid potential trouble.
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