Are PC Tablets being adopted by corporations?

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With the ongoing speculation of an Apple tablet, I was wondering how the adoption of PC tablets has gone.

Anyone here work in an environment where they have been used extensively in real world situations?

I still see ads for them, but it seems the excitement has died down.


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Oh, god. Our IT department is touting them as the second coming, big slick MS posters plaster their area and had a few loaners to make demos with them a couple of weeks ago. The others in our group (architects mainly) are rather skeptical if more excited by the idea that they can sketch directly to the computer. They're too heavy, too troublesome, screens still kinda small right now.
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    cowerdcowerd Posts: 579member

    IDC said in a report: "With only six weeks of potential shipments to record and the form factor's relative infancy in the face of other competing, more established devices, IDC believes that initial shipment volume represents a good start at securing a role in the crowded mobile device arena."

    The report comes as tablet PC manufacturers have been witnessing strong demand for the product. Top vendors Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba have said sales of their tablet PCs are exceeding predictions made before the devices' November launch.

    From the usual suspects at IDC. Fairly impressive considering how flat corporate tech sales are. Who's buying though?
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    Real life scenario:

    Our sales manager likes tech gizmos, he's got PDA, Cell Phone, BlackBerry, GPRS PSMCIA access card, plus all the gadgets to connect them with eachother, etc...

    so he decided to get Tablet to make things easier... (compaq)

    Now, he can't see ***t on that screen (1024x768, on 7" is it?)

    There's no buit in CD drive, so he has to carry it with him all the time. Character recognition sucks. 802.11b keeps disconnecting (just like on all XP), pen broke down after 2 weeks and he can't use it, so now he has to carry a mouse.

    Now when he's not on the road he connects USB keyboard to it, Blackberry craddle, PDA, Cell phone, digital camera, and a mouse.

    Now try to sync PDA, blackberry, and cell phone... mess.

    There's a ****load of wires on his desk.

    In the meantime (i'm not making it up) one of the regional sales guys purchased 12" PB, and t68i.

    No wires, no external devices to carry around, he's got wireless internet access through t68i, it also doubles as simple pda (reminders, etc..), easy clean solution. Not much bigger, isync works like a charm, airport does not disconnect. CD drive built in and he's got superdrive, so he can burn dvds.

    Show me one person, who actually uses tablet during meeting and takes notes on it, impossible, or try to browse the web, without a keyboard and type url using that pen, lol.

    looks cool though.
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    Our IT department can't figure out how to deploy XP to our desktops.
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    mrmistermrmister Posts: 1,095member
    Wow...there is more demand than they expected for the tablets. Not hard when your expectations are low.

    Seriously, this is a case of the tech not being there yet.
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