CDDB Behind Firewall

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I'm trying to use CDDB from behind a Firewall. I've opened ports 888 and 8880, but can't get a good connection. Is it possible I need to NAT the CDDB traffic to my machine?

What advice?


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    Are you sure CDDB needs those ports? I thought it was all done on port 80. Are you perhaps having problems because the CDDB software is not aware of your proxy settings rather than your firewall.

    Are you using CDDB from iTunes?
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    thanks for the brainwork. I access CDDB from ITunes and MP3 Rage. Both of those work fine from home on my cable modem, but here at work, they can't connect. We don't use a proxy.
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    I've never been able to access CDDB through our proxy connection (port 80). However, according to their FAQ:


    The CDDB servers support access through HTTP, the same channel used by web browsers. Almost all programs that access the CDDB servers do so through HTTP. Most firewalls allow access to port 80 (the standard HTTP port), so access to the CDDB service should not be a problem. If your firewall doesn't allow web access, your only option is to convince your network administrator to configure the firewall to enable Internet web access.

    Some firewalls require you to access port 80 through a proxy server. Your network administrator will provide you the address of the proxy server, and occasionally a username and password required by the proxy server. Consult the Help or Manual for the software application you are using to find out where to configure the internet access and enter these proxy settings. In some cases, the software will automatically prompt you to enter these proxy settings the first time you access the CDDB servers.

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