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My company has shifted to an LDAP-based mail service. I'm using the native MacOS mail client to access.

I want to be able to archive / backup mail off of the client for long-term storage and access in case they decide to enforce time or capacity limits. I know you can create an "Archive" folder within mail but it's my understanding the mail is still left on the server. Is there a way to archive / backup mail to a local disk target that also provides access to the messages for searching afterwards?  IMHO, this would be a great article.



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    You can if not against company retention policy keep them in mail in the same in app folder just as long as it is marked as being "On My Mac" not inside the account folders . With the caveat you'll need to make up your own mind what a suitable backup system is for this. 

    Mail will happily in my experience cope with 10,000s of emails will find emails that are old. But check company policy some times keeping emails increases the companies liability some times it reduces it most likely the policy is the sweet spot. but could just be about volume of storage. 

    If you file emails out in to sub-folders then those sub-folders will appear in the Mail Storage folder on your Mac.
    (User->Library->Mail->Hashtag for the account->Subfolder)
     You can then manually archive those folders once the they become less relevant in to another location, server or the like. The files are a common text format per email (.emxl) and quick view even presents them like an email, double clicking open them in mail. 

    Again check what is most suitable for you. 
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