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Okay, I got a leather jacket about 2 weeks ago, its really beautiful, looks really ausome, and was a good find(half price!) Its sorta a half bikerish jackets comes down to my hips about, has a discreet zipper and and snap collar. Other than that, and snaps on the sleeves its really simple and elegant.

Onto the real purpose of this thread:

about caring for my jacket, I havnt done so well, today i really messed up, i was biking this morning, and for the first half hour before i was warm i was wearing it, then i got too hot and folded it up and strapped it down to the rack on the back of my bike. It was bungeyed down like that for the entire day, till 9, basicly 12 hours. Its a little wrinkly and old looking now, not looking to good at all. ****. Is it always gonna be like this, did I already **** it up? or will it stretch out and look pretty again? should i do something to it?

and I wore it in the rain a few times(this is okay though right?) before I waterproofed/cleaned it. Should I clean, condition or waterproof it, and if so what stuff would you recomend?

What is your experience with leather jackets?, any help with the first dillema is greatly appriciated.


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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    Don't Kiwi and Scotch sell leather conditioning kits?

    I bet if you just give it a good hangar to rest on, and leave it in cool circulating air (not a closet) for a few days, then come back with some stain and scotchguard, it'll be fine, but I'm not expert.
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    curiousuburbcuriousuburb Posts: 3,325member
    some jackets look better with a little "experience"

    some grades of leather prefer creme, some polish, some oil... depends.

    if it has a suede finish, that's a whole other care regimen.

    find a similar finish jacket in a shop and ask about care and feeding instructions... if you trust your dry cleaner, you could ask them, but normally i'd say stick to somebody who specializes in hides
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