Meet the new sysadmin

in General Discussion edited January 2014
My lab just took delivery of two brand-spanking-new Dual G4's with 20" Cinema displays. :drooooool: Since I'm the resident expert in OSX, I've been nominated to oversee them.

So...any advice for a newbie sysadmin on how best to set up a MaOSX multiuser "cluster"? There will be about 6-8 users for the two Macs. I'd like each user to be able to log in to either Mac and have a simialr experience, without worrying too much about which machine they were working on last time. That's a tall order, I realize. Would I better off just having everyone make identical accounts on both machines and placing on their Desktops aliases to their account folders on the other machine?

Related question: when I create everyone's accounts, is there a way to copy/clone accounts from one machine to the other? Or would it be easier to just manually enter the 8 accounts on each?
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