Apple Music gets full performer & composer credits in iOS 17 beta 3

in Apple Music edited July 2023

As part of what are likely wider additions in iOS 17 beta 3, Apple has added full credits to nearly every track and album that it hosts.

Credits in Apple Music in iOS 17 beta 3
Credits in Apple Music in iOS 17 beta 3

Apple very briefly discussed Apple Music credits during WWDC. Until Wednesday's beta 3, it wasn't implemented at all.

Each track has a list of artists, composers, lyricists, writers, and so forth. Tapping on a creative's name will take the user to a list of other tracks and albums that the artist worked on, in addition to the selected track.

Not every track or album has all the data yet. In our brief testing, most albums produced between 2000 and 2023 have the information. Older popular albums have the data, but less popular ones do not.

How to see performer & songwriter credits in Apple Music in iOS 17
How to see performer & songwriter credits in Apple Music in iOS 17

It's not clear when, or if, the dataset will be complete.

The changes to Apple Music accreditation are in iOS 17 beta 3 and iPadOS beta 3. They do not appear to be in macOS Sonoma beta 3.

More changes have appeared in iOS 17 beta 3. We are in the process of cataloging and documenting all the changes.

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    Very pleased to see this added to Apple Music, and hope it appears in the next MacOs. AppleInsider remains my only "home page" Apple-oriented bookmark and I've been a loyal reader for years. However you may want to tweak your headline just a wee bit. As unlikely as it would appear, and as is clearly explained in the article, the headline "Apple Music gets full performer and composer credits in iOS 17 beta" sounds like Apple Music has somehow worked out a deal that lets them share the performer and/or composer credits. It's splitting hairs, I admit, but that initial misunderstanding prompted me to read the article in the first place, as it sounded incredulous. A more accurate formulation might have been "Apple Music includes (or "lists") full performer and composer credits in iOS 17 beta".  

    That tiny grammatical issue aside, AppleInsider remains my go-to Apple information website. Keep up the great work.
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    copperfilecopperfile Posts: 5unconfirmed, member
    Will someone please research how to add and embed the Credits for the tracks for music submissions or compatible software or services which are able to?
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