Copying files periodically stops then restarts

in Genius Bar
Copying a large amount of files from one RAID to another using Commander One. Initially it worked pretty well, copying about 500GB in a few hours, but now it just stops periodically. Have not changed anything to my recollection.

Activity Monitor shows the process slowly lose CPU allocation and I can see the LEDs on my Raid (target) fade away from blinking to idle. It pauses for what seems like a long time (haven't timed it) and then Activity Monitor shows CPU allocation slowly climb back to 30% or so and the Raid lights up. It's now taking days to copy ~500GB due to stops and starts. 

"top" always shows PID "sleeping" and PPID "stuck". Can't find any solutions to that online. All I've found on the internet is "Nice", so I've set that to -10, but seems to have little to no effect.

Any ideas? 
2021 MacBook, M1, Monterey 12.6.8.

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