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Rendevous printers are suppose to start appearing in "network printers" soon.......?

Does that mean it'll still be some time before consumer printers are going to have the capability?

I'm hesitant to upgrade because I would like to have a wireless printer [well, it's not completely wireless since you still gotta plug it in the wall, but close enough ]..........???

any new news about this?


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    I had this idea right after seeing the keynote. it would fairly easy to do, just build in an 802.11 subsystem. Probably will raise the price, but imagine a printer you could plug in anywhere in the house, and all of your computers instantly can print to it.

    I have heard of no official announcements on any manufacturer releasing this, but it will happen eventually.
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    it'll be quite a bit more annoying to implement... well, on 2nd thought, maybe not...depends ont he protocal...I was thinking that you'll have to do TCP/IP stack on the receiver, but if you send the data via UDP, it's much easier...However, you'll need built-in print-servers for printers to work well under such environments...

    On that note, how long will it be before someone using a HUGE antenna to brodcast 802.11 ads to your printer? :eek:
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    This is peripheral discussion and is therefore moving to the digital hub.
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