How much does your battery drop on the following tests? (15 Pro Max)

in iPhone

I get the feeling my battery is draining quicker than expected (phone is a few weeks old now so any indexing should have been done) curious to what others are experiencing.

- 45 minute call connected via bluetooth headset: 9%

- 1 hour YouTube vid display brightness 75%: 4%

- 1 hour Music playback via speakers on low-ish volume: 3%

- 1 hour Music playback via bluetooth speaker: 0% (Stayed at 69%!)

- 20 minutes of the default homepage (has animations etc): 1%

- Overnight 10 hours of nothing but a few notifications: 5%

Most of that seems reasonable except for the calls - on my old phone I could speak for hours and don't recall it dropping so much, but maybe that's because I wasn't looking :/

Curious to hear what everyone else is experiencing!

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