New Apple Airport in 3-5 weeks???

in Future Apple Hardware edited January 2014
Okay, so I go to the Apple store to buy an iBook, and I add an Airport card as an installed option. It lists 7-10 days until shipping. WTF!

I figure it's because I'm having my iBook "custom built", so I replace my "custom" iBook with the regular model and add an Airport card seperate, thinking now I'll get my computer in 1-3 days + shipping.

Nope! 5-7 days for the iBook and 3-5 weeks for the Airport card. 3-5 weeks!!! What the hell? I then replaced my regular iBook with my old "custom" configuration since waiting 3-5 weeks for Internet access wasn't an option.

My 14" iBook should be here next week, although I wanted it to come this week, but what really confuses me is my there was a 3-5 week wait on the Aiport card? I guess this means there's going to be an update?

I chose not to wait 3-5 weeks before buying figuring if Airport was being upgraded to 802.11g or b, I'd have to buy a new base station inorder to use it, which I don't plan on doing.

So what do think? Is an Airport update coming? Do you think it will just be 802.11g, or will we see something really cool like a WiFi/Bluetooth combo card?
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