How to rename voice memos to their titles? (Mac)

in macOS
I'm trying to get all my voice memo's, with their original name, onto a external hard drive.

(My filenames are all just the date of the recording).

(I was able to find this script for Windows, but not sure if there's something similar I could do on a Mac)

More Details:

I named the memos on my iPhone, in the Voice Memo's app, but when I locate them on my hard drive on my computer, they all have default names that are just the date created.

E.g. 20230405-23234.m4a instead of "Math Lecture April 4 2023.m4a" for example.

And I have 1500+ Voice Memo's which are very important to me, and I need to search through in the future.

(Running an iPhone XS with 14.5.1 and MacBook Pro with High Sierra 10.13.6)
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