Taking a trip down the Atari memory lane...

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This being Easter weekend and all, I thought it might be the right time to give the small and subdued geeky part of myself a little playtime, so I went looking for ways to play my old favorite games right here on my iBook. Boulderdash, M.U.L.E., Archon, Montezuma, ...

And it's possible. I had been looking into the matter already some months ago, but then, there were no Atari 800 XL (which is what I use to get my geek on with) emulators available that allowed you to use the keyboard as a joystick (and I'm not that much of a gamer that I have gamepads or whatever lying around). So, recently, on Versiontracker, I saw this app called Atari800MacX, which did allow me to do just that. Moreover, it's a freeware app. And it gives you fullscreen mode. And it doesn't garble the sound. In short. It's a winner.

I had the necessary ROMS and game files (about 600 of 'em) since my last plunge into this matter, so I just put two and two together, and whammo, I'm hit flat in the face with 20something years of computer history. Playing games copyrighted in 1981 and such on this computer built in 2002. I'm having a ball.

Screenshots, anyone?


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    I've been playing this again on my iBook. We lost so much time playing this in college back in 19(garble garble garble). A friend wrote games for 6502 processors, including the Atari, and had a lot of games for us to play with.

    But I still can't get the freakin' MULE to sit properly on the stupid house. After all these years, I still suck.
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