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I am just interested in seeing if the WoMD still play a role in the argument for war. It seemed like the important argument before but somehow it doesn´t seem to play a big role anymore.


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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    Where's the option: I don't want to vote on this poll seeing it is initiated by the very poster who suggested we take a chill on the polls?
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    Well this is different: I made it
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    moogsmoogs Posts: 4,296member
    Important but not mandatory; timing is everything.

    Now that we've won this war but for scattered resistance and what will surely be continued car bombings - and the fact that we won it with relatively minimal casualties compared to what it could have been - the WOMD can be overridden by doing the right things with the rebuilding effort.

    Does anyone honestly think that if we help them get this done right and there is a legitimate democratic (or even democratic-like) government in Iraq a year from now - complete with rebuilt infastructure and jobs for most of those who walk the streets right now - that people will say the war never should've happend because we found no WOMD?

    Maybe if Saddam was not the individual he was (with the record he had), and if we had invaded solely for the purpose of finding and destroying WOMD, not finding WOMD could be seen as crucial above all else. But that was only half the ball of wax.
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    you mean WMD

    apparently they destroyed them just days prior to the war

    well it was in the detroit free press today and apparently CNN talked about it today as well.

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