Airport Extreme card causes kernal panic on 12" AIBook

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My wife has convinced her boss to buy her a 12" AIBook, and her Aiprort Extreme card arrived today.

Of course it was handed over to me to fit! Went in like a dream (its the little touches, that small flip down door is cute).

Started the machine up, and went to 'network' to pick the airport card. It said new device seen, then kernal panic...

Restarting the machine resulted in a kernal panic almost immediatly everytime. Starting in safe mode worked though. I did a hardware test and it passed the airport card. So I did a repair permissions and tried to restart. No go.

The the machine wouldn't boot in safe mode, so I did a system reinstall. Went to restart and kernal panic. Took the airport card out and no kernal panic.

Fried card????


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    Yep, especially if you can repeat the panic-with-card, no-panic-without-card for another couple iterations. Of course, it could also be the slot on the PB itself.... only way to know for sure is to try another card.
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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    well, better send the card back to Apple then!

    as soon as the card goes back in and i restart, its kernal panic city...
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    macsrgood4umacsrgood4u Posts: 3,007member
    Did you install the Airport Extreme update available from Apple?

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    othelloothello Posts: 1,054member
    no, because i don't have a base station as yet. until i get it, i will be running a computer-to-computer network...

    thanks for the link though
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