Any tips for getting speech to work?

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I just can't get my speech to work right it can never understand my voice and im always yelling at it which can be kinda funny I guess. Any tips for me??


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    gargoylegargoyle Posts: 660member
    are you using the built in mic or an external one ? Try using a proggy (i dunno what) to record your voice and then play it back to check for distorsions / quiet bits .
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    No, computer speech recognition doesn't work at all. With me, it recognizes the first command and maybe the second, then nothing. That's on the internal mic on my iBook.

    I'd say wait until the 23rd century and then maybe they'll get it right. Until then, it's reserved for the poor armless/handless people.
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    bartobarto Posts: 2,246member
    It's cause you're doin it all the wrooong way!

    When Apple built speech recognition, they found that they could only include 100-200 phrases. That's because the computer compares what you said to each phrase, and picks the closest one.

    "Helping" the computer by shouting or accentuating confuses it. Your Mac is expecting you to speak a phrase in a neutral North American accent, 31 inches away from the mic, at a normal volume (that is, as if you were speaking to a person).

    Anything other than if you were speaking to another person in a normal way will confuse the computer, as it won't match any of the phrases.

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